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5 vistas· 04/07/24· Hip-Hop

Dax - Eminem ft. Jay Z "Renegade" Remix [One Take Video]

I'm Quitting Rap...
I never thought I'd say this. It is what it is though. God bless...

audio on SOUNDCLOUD and AUDIOMACK only...

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shot by: Logan Meis

#eminem #jayz #renegade #remix #onetake #dax


I'm sorry to say this but once again that this amount of lyrics do not fit in the description lolol. It limits you to 5000 characters... i apologize. Going to try to figure out the CC so y'all can follow along.


if you made it this deep you a REAL ONE. Can't believe we are already on year 7 on this journey. Love writing these bottom of description messages for y'all. Renegade is one of the most legendary beats and songs of all time and I'm honored to be able to remix it. Shoutout to everyone who like, comments, and shares, YOU ARE REAL ONES. I appreciate each and every single one of you more than you know and will continue to seek you out and thank you.

Dax - Eminem ft. Jay Z "Renegade" Remix [One Take Video]

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