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Eric Bellinger - Find Someone [Official Music Video]

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Horse and a carriage
They just bein scary
They just bein embarrassed
That’s cool when you find the one
When you Find Someone
Good timing, Good alignment
You find the one
And everything will be cool
I’m tryna tell you what to do
Break up to make up
Good sex no fake stuff
You know all I wanna do is argue
So I could turn around and baby
Just come get on top of you yeah
Just like that hit it from the back
You know I just rewind it
Bad timing it’s alright with me
It’s all good with me
Baby you and me making history
In the bed gimme head
Upstairs down on the counter
You know how I do baby
Imma be about an hour
I don’t wanna do one time
I just need to do two times
Like three times
Like Wyclef
Hit it one time two times
Feelin real good
Just like I should
Came from the hood
Way from the bottom
Now look I got em
Look how I top em
Now they can’t stop him
Look how I drop em
Eazy yeah so eazy yeah
Everything is off the top
Now you know that you believe in me yeah
G.O.A.T. He the Goat
Keep it goin don’t stop don’t stop
Keep goin keep flowin
I ain’t stoppin til they knowin
Who I be it’s Eazy
Make sure you go to iTunes
Make sure you go find soon
Make sure you rewind the tunes
I got plenty got like 37 albums many
And you can press play on any aye
Put it on shuffle I’m Benny aye
Hanna yeah
Gimme the chopsticks sauna yeah
Acapella stop the beat yeah
Tell your favorite R&B singer
Don’t try this at home
Cause imma be like J.T.
But they gon be Gone, Gone, Gone
They gon’ be Gone, Gone, Gone…
It’s Eazy!

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